EuHEA Seminar Series Fall 2021

The EuHEA seminar series brings together health economists all across its member associations, and beyond, to discuss cutting-edge research


The EuHEA Seminar Series aims to foster exchange between health economists across different countries and institutions and present cutting-edge research in all areas of health economics. A Scientific Committee chaired by Rossella Verzulli (University of Bologna) will coordinate the series for the academic year 2021/2022.

Please note that the time slot for the EuHEA Seminar Series in fall will change to Wednesdays, 2:30-3:30pm, program details and a link for registration will follow here.


Call for Papers

We invite submissions for the next round of the EuHEA Seminar Series in fall 2021. Papers on all health economic topics are welcome, and we especially encourage PhD students and researchers in their early career to submit their work.

Abstracts should be structured according to Objectives, Methods, Results, Discussion (with a maximum of 3000 cases, including spaces). The Scientific Committee aims to have a prepared discussion after each presentation, and therefore a (draft) working paper is required for submission. Already published articles will not be considered in the selection process.

Please click here to submit your abstract/paper.

Deadline for submission is July 25, 2021. The scientific committee will rank all submissions and recommend papers to be presented in virtual seminars starting from September 29. Notifications of acceptance will be given end of August/early September.



Scientific Committee

The EuHEA Seminar Series in the academic year 2021/2022 is coordinated by:

  • Rossella Verzulli, University of Bologna (Chair)
  • Pedro Pita Barros, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Co-Chair)
  • Francesca Barigozzi, University of Bologna
  • Stefan Boes, University of Lucerne
  • Davide Dragone, University of Bologna
  • Geir Godager, University of Oslo
  • Dorte Gyrd-Hansen, University of Southern Denmark
  • Daniela Iorio, University of Bologna
  • Tor Iversen, University of Oslo
  • Oddvar Kaarboe, University of Bergen
  • Sverre Kittelsen, Frisch Centre
  • Matteo Lippi Bruni, University of Bologna
  • Paolo Pertile, University of Verona
  • Liza Sopina, University of Southern Denmark