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12 PhD-positions at HCHE

The Call for 12 PhD-positions (starting October 2023) in Hamburg can be found here. Applicants will be required to have a Master’s degree in a research-oriented Master’s program in economics, business administration or health economics with at least above-average results. PhD students are then to complete a structured doctoral qualification program and to write a doctoral dissertation in Business Administration or Economics on a topic related to our research programme.

More information can be found here.

The HCHE (Hamburg Center for Health Economics ) has just received funding for a Research Training Group ‘Managerial and economic dimensions of health care quality’ through the public national research funding scheme (German Research Foundation, DFG). We aim to provide a view of quality of care that is as comprehensive as possible. Our research agenda will focus on the relationship between processes and outcomes in a range of contexts. Our interdisciplinary group of health economists will draw upon backgrounds in economics, business administration and medicine and combine econometric, experimental and theoretical methods.

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