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Make it reproducible and publish it!

A training course organized by the EuHEA Early Career Committee

Date and time: 18th October 2023, 11:00-14:45 (Central European Time)

This course will be delivered virtually via Zoom

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This is a two-part online workshop that focuses on the publication and reproducibility of scientific research.

Part I, October 18th, 11:00-12:00 (Central European Time)

Title: How to publish?

Speaker: Bruce Hollingsworth

Publishing a paper in an economic journal entails a demanding and highly competitive process. In a half-hour presentation, we will outline the essential steps and factors to consider throughout the publication process. We will address the following questions: What constitutes a high-quality research paper? How to select the right journal? Which health economics journals are out there and what is their focus? What are the preliminary enquiries? What are the dos and don'ts when submitting a paper? How to write an effective cover letter? And what are some common mistakes to avoid? Following the presentation, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. This segment of the workshop is primarily tailored to early career researchers who may have limited experience with the publication process.

Part II, October 18th, 12:15-14:45 (Central European Time)

Title: Make your work reproducible!

Speaker: Jan Marcus

Journals, institutions, and the scientific community at large increasingly insist on the provision of comprehensive replication packages for scientific studies, comprising both data and code. This shift is not merely a bureaucratic requirement but a fundamental change towards a more open and trustworthy scientific ecosystem. By providing replication packages, researchers allow their peers and the public not only to reproduce the published results but also to check their robustness and to gain deeper insights into the applied methods. This course equips researchers with the skills to create replication packages that are not only complete but also user-friendly. The course places particular emphasis on providing code that allows others (and the original researcher) to easily reproduce the research results from the raw data. The provided examples mostly relate to Stata and R but also apply to other statistical software packages.

Please send any questions to katrin.zocher@jku.at

Key details: 

  • The course will take place on the 18th of October 2023.
  • It will last nearly four hours, from 11:00 to 14:45 (Central European Time).
  • It will be held virtually via Zoom, with a limit of 500 participants in each part.
  • The course is designed for Ph.D. students and early career researchers.
  • The course is free thanks to the support of EuHEA.
  • To register, please visit this link.
  • Registrations will be closed on October 9th, 2023 (23:59, Central European Time).
  • The participants will be drawn randomly from all registered participants. From the experience of the last workshops this is about 50% of the registered participants. All participants will be informed about the outcome of the drawing on October 10th, 2023.
  • An email with the Zoom details will be sent to all participants some days before the event.

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