PhD Conference 2021

September 1st-3rd

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Rawayda Abdou (Technological University Dublin)

The Association between Mortgage Delinquency and Suicide in the US

Nursena Aksunger (VU Amsterdam)

The cost of a peaceful mind during the Covid-19: Evidence from Kenya

Miguel Alquézar-Yus (European University Institute)

Does good care take longer? Evidence from a Spanish outpatient department

Grace Armijos Bravo (University of Barcelona)

Job competition in civil servant public examinations and sick leave behavior

Tatjana Begerow (University of Wuppertal)

The causal effect of children's education on parental health, long-term care dependency and care arrangements: Evidence from SHARE

Marie Beigelman (University of Barcelona)

Behind closed doors: COVID-19 and detection of male-based violence victims

Julien Bergeot (Université Paris Dauphine)

Care for Elderly Parents: Do Children Cooperate?

Habtamu Beshir (University of Bath, Department of Economics)

Impacts of Low Emission Zones on Air Pollution and Health: Evidence from England

Melanie Büssgen (Universität Hamburg)

Does HTA compromise Access to Pharmaceuticals? The Impact of AMNOG on Launch Delay

Laura Carter (National University of Ireland Galway)

Admission to long-stay residential care and mortality among people with and without dementia living at home but on the boundary of residential care: a competing risks survival analysis

Abigail Chari (Stellenbosch University)

Fiscal incidence and access to health care services in Zimbabwe

Eduardo Costa (NOVA SBE)

Modelling Health Spending Sustainability

Chiara Costi (Lancaster University)

Health and quality of life among older adults: a structural equation modelling approach

Cecilia Dahlgren (Karolinska Institutet)

What is the impact of telemedicine consultations on the total healthcare consumption? -a case study of patients with acute respiratory infections

Marc Diederichs (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)

Evaluation of a medical emergency call software

Kathrin Durizzo (ETH Zürich)

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Routine Child Immunization in Ghana

Teresa Freitas Monteiro (Humboldt University of Berlin and IAB)

Barriers to humanitarian migration, victimisation and integration outcomes: Evidence from Germany

Juan David García-Corchero (University of Granada)

Is there a socioeconomic gradient in waiting times? Evidence from Spain.

Corinna Hartung (LMU Munich)

Early Child Care and Influenza Epidemics: Evidence from High-Frequency Data

Helen Hayes (University of Manchester)

Responses of hospitals to unbundling of DRG-based payments for diagnostic imaging of suspected cancer patients

Celine Hendriks (ESHPM)

Does carving-out expensive medicines from hospital budgets lead to an increase in spending?

Benedicta Hermanns (Universität Hamburg)

Health Insurance Choice and Risk Preferences – Experimental Investigation of the Impact of an Attribute-Based Insurance Finder

Marius Huguet (Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne (CIS))

Patient preferences, referral process and access to specialized care. Is patient choice constrained?

Anne-Marie Konopka (ERUDITE, University of Paris-Est Créteil / MGEN Foundation for Public Health)

Can multi-professional medical homes reduce emergency department visits in France?

Volha Lazuka (University of Southern Denmark)

Heterogeneous returns to medical innovations

Veline L'Esperance (School of Population Health and Environmental Sciences, King’s College London)

Impact of general practice funding on Ambulatory Care Sensitive admissions: A 5-year English Longitudinal Study

Nicolau Martin Bassols (Monash University)

Long term health effects of the Great London Smog of 1952

Marco Mello (University of Surrey)

Voting and contagion in the time of COVID-19: Lessons from the Italian 2020 polls

António Melo (Université Paris Dauphine)

Abortion access in Portugal: the relationship with abortion rates, timings, type of providers, and methods

Kai R. Miele (University Duisburg-Essen)

From grants to loans to worse mental health – How a funding change for voluntary further education worsened mental health for young adults in England

Ivan Ochoa-Moreno (University of York)

Effect of public health insurance on out-of-pocket payments, impoverishment and income distribution

Clémence Pougué Biyong (University of Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne)

Aid for aids and testing behaviour: evidence from Malawi (2000-2016)

Niranjana Prasad (Universite Catholique De Louvain)

Impact of forced sterilization on women's labor market outcomes

Mohammad Pulok (Dalhousie University)

Panel data evidence on horizontal inequities in physician visits among older Canadians

Anna Reuter (University of Göttingen)

Parental HIV Treatment and Children’s Education in South Africa

Anne-Kim Ristori (MGEN Foundation for Public Health)

Knowledge about own complementary health insurance plan and healthcare consumption: Do the health insured get their money’s worth?

Dheeya Rizmie (Imperial College Business School)

Paris Respire: Traffic, Pollution and Sleep

Lisa Rogge (University of Hannover)

Did you know? The effect of SMS reminders on health screening uptake in Indonesia

Domenica Romeo (Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria)

Do National Health Guidelines increase coordination level among physicians? An experimental investigation

Emmanuel Rukundo (Institute for Food and Resource Economics)

Effect of Health Insurance Premium Changes on Labour Supply: Evidence from Rwanda

Dmitry Schapov (Higher School of Economics)

Availability restrictions and alcohol-related mortality: A case of restricted hours of alcohol sales in Russian regions

Fanny Schmeißner (Universität Hamburg)

Impact of the 2007 German parental leave benefit reform on infant health

Nicolas Schreiner (CSS Institute for Empirical Health Economics)

Transfer Payment Systems and Financial Distress: Insights from Health Insurance Premium Subsidies

Manuel Serrano Alarcon (Bocconi University)

The effect of Long-Term Care (LTC) benefits on healthcare use

Vishalie Shah (University of York)

Estimating heterogeneous policy impacts on health care utilisation: a causal machine learning framework

Paula Spinola (UCL)

Effects of C-section on infant health: Evidence from a rationing policy

Jannis Stöckel (ESHPM)

Adaptation to Severe Health Shocks – Evidence from Dutch Administrative Data

Franziska Valder (KU Leuven)

Effects of Introducing Prospective Payment on Length of Stay in Psychiatric Care - Evidence from a recent reform in Germany

Jeroen van der Vaart (University of Groningen)

Health inequalities and the progressivity of old-age social insurance programs

Francisca Vargas Lopes (Erasmus Medical Center)

Long-term care for the mentally ill: the impact of supported housing arrangements on survival, health care use and employment

Evelyn Verbeke (KU Leuven)

The value of future lives in a healthcare priority-setting context: the public’s opinion

Cristiéle Vieira (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)

Hospitalizations for intestinal infectious diseases in early childhood: Spatial analysis among brazilian micro-regions

Lisa Voois (Erasmus School of Economics)

How accurate are expectations about the need for nursing home care?

Jiunn Wang (University of Exeter)

Valuing frailty: a compensating variation approach

Anna Wilding (University of Manchester)

Community asset participation improves health and reduces health inequalities

Robert Willans (Lancaster University)

Scale economies in English NHS hospitals

Pamela Wronski (Heidelberg University Hospital)

Claims-data based analysis of horizontal equity in home-based long-term care utilization in persons with dementia in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Dimitar Yordanov (University of Southern Denmark)

Mapping general practitioners’ motivation

Wenkun Zhang (University of York)

Household Health and Labour Supply: Evidence for Rural China