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Ph.D. Conference 2018

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 student-supervisor conference will take place in Catania, Italy, between 5-7 September, 2018.  The local organiser will be Giacomo Pignataro.

/ For EuHEA Members

Early Career Committee

At the recent conference in Lausanne, the Early Career Committee was founded.  Its aim is to, but not limited to, promote the involvement of junior members in discussions that concern the activities and direction of EuHEA.  As its first chairperson, Rachel Meacock was elected.

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Executive Committee

We are pleased to announce that Ruth Puig has become an EuHEA executive committee member, and Florence Jusot, Matthew Sutton and Stefan Felder were re-elected as members.

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Ph.D. Conference 2017

The 2017 EuHEA student-supervisor conference has come to an end.  It was a success with over 70 studies presented.  In addition, an interesting talk was held by Prof. Amitabh Chandra from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government titled "The BioPharma Dilemma: Balancing Innovation and Access in an Age of Personalised Medicines".  We would like to thank everyone that attended, and Mark Dusheiko & Jürgen Maurer for a great job organising the conference.

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Danish Health Economists' Group

We are happy to announce that the Danish Health Economists' Group has become a member of the European Health Economics Association, with Dorte Gyrd-Hansen as their President.

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Professor in Health Economics

The Vienna University of Economics and Business invites applications for a position as a full professor in health economics.  Applications should be sent by the 20th September, 2017.  Information on the required skills and qualifications, and the applications procedure, can be found here.  For more information on the position, please contact Prof. Ulrike Schneider.

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ATHEA Conference 2017

The 3rd Austrian Health Economics Association Conference will be held on the 23-24 November, 2017, in Vienna.  Keynote speakers include Prof. Dr. Ellen Nolte from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and Prof. Dr. Chris Bojke from the University of Leeds.

A three day course in discrete choice experiments will be held by the Health Economics Research Unit, University of Aberdeen, at the Jury’s Inn, Aberdeen, on November 15-17, 2017.

In the course attention is centred on the practical and theoretical issues that are raised when this technique is used.  Practical lessons moreover complement the theoretical part which allows hands-on experience with the application and analysis of discrete choice experiments.

Further information on the course and registration details may be found on this site and flyer.  If you are unable attend the course this year but would be interested to however attend the course in the future, send an email to Ms. Alison Horne to be added to the mailing list.