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“Health economics for sustainable welfare systems”

5-8 July 2022

Oslo, Norway

About us


The Department of Health Management and Health Economics (HELED) conducts research and teaching in the fields of health economics, health policy, health systems, quality of care, and health management. HELED has built strong multi-disciplinary research community that includes economists, political scientists, and physicians.

Over the years, academic staff have served on a number of Norwegian government consultative and advisory committees. Many research projects are carried out in close collaboration with international researchers and professionals working in the health services. The department is responsible for three master programs in health economics and health management. med.uio.no/helsam/english/about/organization/departments/heled

Frisch Centre

The Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research is an independent research institution founded by the University of Oslo and operational from 1 January 1999. The Frisch Centre conducts economic research in co-operation with the University of Oslo.

Research at the Frisch Centre covers a wide range of topics, mainly within four major areas: Labour market and education, Environment and energy, Public economics and productivity and Health economics. Most projects are co-operative work involving the Frisch Centre and researchers in other domestic and foreign research institutions. The close ties with the Department of Economics reflect the policy of the Frisch Centre of linking applied and academic research. Doctoral students at the Frisch Centre are enrolled at the doctoral programme at the Department of Economics, and students are engaged part-time on specific projects to write their Master Thesis or to assist research.