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“Health economics for sustainable welfare systems”

5-8 July 2022

Oslo, Norway

General information

Registration Desk

Participants can collect conference materials at the registration desk in the foyer of the Georg Sverdrup hus (GSH1.Foy) at most times, or at Domus Media at the city centre campus of the University of Oslo before the opening reception.

The registration desk is open at the following times:

Tuesday 5 th July 08:00-15:00 GSH1.Foy
Tuesday 5 th July 16:00-18:30 University of Oslo city centre building Domus Media
Wednesday 6 th July 08:00-18:00 GSH1.Foy
Thursday 7 th July 08:00-18:00 GSH1.Foy
Friday 8 th July 08:00-16:00 GSH1.Foy

Name badges

Participants are requested to wear the official conference name badges at all conference events. A replacement fee will be charged for lost badges. Additional name labels to tag your possessions are provided in the registration material.

WiFi/Internet Access on Campus

During the conference you can access the internet in all campus buildings through the university’s wifi Network.

If you have an Eduroam account from your home institution, you should be able to connect automatically to the SSID “eduroam”. Participants can also access the network using the SSID “conferences” with a password you will receive as part of your conference materials.


All participants will receive a certificate of attendance during the conference as part of the conference materials.

First aid

If you need first aid, please contact the persons at the registration desk. The emergency phone number is 112. You can call this number free of charge from any phone, including foreign mobile phones, without any area code.


By registering at the conference, participants agree that the organizing committee does not assume any responsibility for damage or injuries to persons or property during the conference. Participants are advised to organize their own health, travel and personal insurances.