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“Health economics for sustainable welfare systems”

5-8 July 2022

Oslo, Norway

Opening reception

Tuesday 5 July 6 pm – 7:30

Oslo City Hall

Photo by Didrick-Stenersen

The reception is hosted by the City of Oslo and we are greeted by the major. After the reception, there is a guided tour of Oslo City Hall.
Inaugurated in 1950, Oslo City Hall is the city's administrative body and the seat of the City Council. Oslo City Hall is one of the country's most iconic buildings. The architects Arnstein Arneberg and Magnus Poulsson had a clear idea of what they wanted the building to represent, and artists helped to substantiate the architects' vision. The building has been decorated by Norwegian art from 1900-1950, with motifs from Norwegian history, culture and working life.

Evening Event

Thursday 7 July 07:00 pm - 11:00 pm

National Opera House

The event takes place in the foyer of the Opera House. There will be drinks and a buffet of Norwegian inspired tastes.

Photo by Rafał Konieczny, Licence: (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Since the opening in 2008, pictures of the angular architecture seemingly arising from the waters of Oslo Fjord have become known around the world and today are considered the keystone signature of the Oslo Opera House. This was precisely the intention of the firm of architects behind this iconic design, Snøhetta, which wanted to make the roof a platform accessible to all and in so doing create a new public space in the center of Oslo. A parallel wish was to create a new landscape that would draw together the natural beauty of Oslo Fjord and the city. In the foyer, we are met by a light, open space with a large, undulating oakwood wall.