Practical Information


The currency in Austria is Euro (€). Cash payment is common in Vienna. If you need to withdraw money you can find an ATM.


The conference will be held in English.

Medical Attendance

If you need first aid during your time on WU Campus, please contact the registration desk. To locate the nearest Emergency Telephone, Quiet Room - First Aid or Defibrilator on WU Campus click here.

The emergency phone number is 112. You can call this number free of charge from any phone, including foreign mobile phones, without any area code.

In Austria pharmacies sell non-prescription medications (e.g. painkillers, cold remedies, etc.). For medications that require a prescription, you will need to see a doctor to have a prescription issued.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in closed spaces in Austria. Therefore, please use designated outside areas on the WU Campus.

Tourist Information

Vienna's high quality of life is known all over the world. Countless parks and gardens, the Viennese water, its rich history in art and culture, its excellent public transport and its generally high public safety all contribute to both tourists and locals feeling comfortable in Vienna and enjoying its many attractions.

If you want to experience the charm of Vienna outside the conference, please get more information here.