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“Health economics for sustainable welfare systems”

5-8 July 2022

Oslo, Norway

Guidelines for sessions

Uploading presentations

On July 1, each speaker will receive an email from Nettskjema with instructions and a personalized link for uploading their presentation slides. Speakers should upload their slides no later than Monday 4 July. Slides can be in PDF format (recommended) or Powerpoint (.ppt or .pptx) format, preferably with necessary fonts embedded. We do not recommend linking to external media in presentations. Please note that you will not be able to use your own laptop computer to present.

Oral presentations

Each presenter will have 15 minutes followed by 7 minutes for discussion, and most oral sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes long. If you are part of an organized session, the session organizer and session chair might give you different guidelines or duties, please contact them if you have any questions..

Chair duties

All oral sessions have a chair indicated in the program. The last presenter will typically acts as chair. The chair is asked to

  • Preside at the sessions
  • Carefully manage time use of the session. Limit each presenter strictly so that the final presenter is not short-changed, and use left over time for discussion or questions from the floor
  • Notify the room staff if any problem should arise during the session (lights, noise, etc.)
  • Thank all of the presenters and participant

Chairs should go to the session room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the session and introduce themselves to the presenters, check the facilities, slides, projection, etc. If there are any issues to resolve, notify the room staff or congress desk.

Poster presentations

The posters are exhibited in the Foyer on Level 1 of Georg Sverdrups hus (GSH1.Foy).
Poster sessions will take place during lunch from 12:00 to 13:00 on Thursday 7 th July. The presenters are asked to be present by their poster during the Poster viewing hour on Thursday in order to respond to questions from the audience.
We recommend that posters fit within a 84,1 x 118,9 cm area (DIN A0 format). We encourage making use of visuals as far as possible, rather than having extensive text. You can mount your poster from Wednesday evening but please do so before Thursday 10:00 and do not remove them before Friday.

Plenary sessions

All plenary sessions will take place in Auditorium 1 on level 1 of Georg Sverdrups hus (GSH1.Aud1). To avoid congestion plenary sessions will also be screened in Auditorium 2 in Georg Sverdrups hus (GSH1.Aud2) and in Auditorium 1 in Helga Engs hus (HEH1.Aud1) and be streamed on Zoom, with a link available in the The EuHEA Oslo 2022 App or at the venue. If you want to comment or ask questions, please attend in GSH.Aud1.