Welcome to the European Health Economics Association

EuHEA promotes cooperation among all national health economics associations and groups in Europe. It also aims to profile and foster health economics at European universities.

Code of Conduct

The European Health Economics Association (EuHEA) is an association of associations. Its purpose is to promote cooperation among all national health economics associations and groups in Europe and to profile and foster health economics at European universities. It regularly holds scientific events, in particular the Biannual Conferences, the annual PhD and Supervisor Conferences, and the Seminar Series. This Code of Conduct applies to all events hosted by EuHEA and is addressed to all participants and organizers. They are expected to play an active role in implementing the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct supplements the host country’s legal and normative regulations and laws, as well as the rules that apply at the event venues.

EuHEA events serve the purpose of free and respectful academic exchange. All participants contribute as equals to this endeavor. Harassment and discrimination based on, for example, race, ethnic or national origin, gender, age, religion or belief, disability, sexual identity or orientation, physical appearance, or professional or civil status will not be tolerated.

Examples of harassment include, but are not limited to:

  • derogatory or offensive statements and actions that create a hostile atmosphere,
  • deliberate intimidation,
  • bullying,
  • stalking and tracking,
  • unauthorized photography, filming, or audio recording,
  • repeated disruption of presentations and other parts of the program,
  • unwanted physical contact and unwanted sexual attention.

Participants who harass or discriminate against others will be subject to sanctions by the conference organizers. These may include

  • a formal warning and request to stop the offending behavior,
  • immediate exclusion from the event,
  • termination or cancellation of the offender’s presentations, or other contributions to the program.
  • exclusion from future EuHEA events

In the case of exclusion from the event, participation fees will not be refunded.

In particular, it is recommended:

  • If other people ask you to stop a behavior that they perceive as harassment, you should follow their request, even if you yourself assess your behavior differently.
  • In case you feel harassed or witness harassment, contact the trusted person as indicated in the program or any member of the Executive Committee of EuHEA. Any information you provide will only be passed on after obtaining your consent.