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Early Career Committee

EuHEA's Early Career Committee aims to ensure that the views of individuals at the beginning of their academic careers are reflected in EuHEA's activities, and to actively engage junior members in the association and its future direction. The Early Career Committee is currently chaired by Katrin Zocher (Austrian Health Economics Association).


Current members

Austrian Health Economics Association

Katrin Zocher (Chair of the ECC)
Johannes Kepler University
Department of Health Economics
Phone: +43 732 2468 7779
E-Mail: katrin.zocher@jku.at

Danish Health Economists' Group

Sasja Maria Pedersen
Email: samp@health.sku.dk

Dutch Flemish Association for Health Economics VGE

Isabell Wiethof
Email: i.wiethoff@maastrichtuniversity.nl

French Health Economics Association

Léontine Goldzahl
Email: leontine.goldzahl@dauphine.fr

German Health Economics Association

Benedikt Langenberger
Email: langenberger@tu-berlin.de

Health Economics Association of Ireland

Edward Henry
Email: E.Henry4@nuigalway.ie

Italian Health Economics Association

Oriana Ciani
Email: oriana.ciani@unibocconi.it

Norwegian Health Economics Group

Ge Ge
Email: ge.ge@medisin.uio.no 

Portugese Health Economics Association

Diogo Nogueira
Email: diogo.fdnl@gmail.com
Joana Pestana
Email: Joana.Pestana@novasbe.pt

Spanish Health Economics Association

Laia Bosque
Email: lbm518@york.ac.uk
Juan David García
Email: jdcorchero@ugr.es

Swedish Health Economics Association

Lina Gruneau
Email: lina.gruneau@liu.se

Swiss Society of Health Economics

Kathryn Dawson-Townsend
Email: kathryn.dawson@unilu.ch

UK Health Economics Study Group

Ekaterina Bordea
Email: e.bordea@ucl.ac.uk
Francesco Longo
Email: francesco.longo@york.ac.uk