Travel in Vienna

Vienna's public transportation network is well-developed. You can travel quickly and reliably by subway, tram and bus.

Public Transport

The Vienna public transport authority is called Wiener Linien and encompasses underground trains (U-Bahn), overground rail (S-Bahn), trams (Straßenbahn) and buses (Bus) within the limits of the city of Vienna.

The tickets are valid on all trams, buses, and subways by Wiener Linien. Each stamped single ticket is valid until the destination, including multiple transfers. Further information and a route planner can be found here.

You can buy tickets either at ticket machines (available at every subway/S-Bahn station; multiple language options; usually accept cash, maestro cards and credit cards) or prior to your visit online or via the WienMobil app.

Please note:

You need to carry a valid ticket with you at all times when using public transport. If you did not purchase an online ticket, you generally have to validate your ticket by sticking it into the blue or orange boxes at the platform entrances or on buses or trams until you hear a satisfying "ping" noise and receive a timestamp on your ticket.

Subway Plan of Vienna

Please note that the subway line U2 is not operating between the subway stations Karlsplatz and Rathaus until September 2024.

Citybike Wien Bikesharing

WienMobil bicycles, provided by Wiener Linien, offer a convenient bike-sharing service for both locals and visitors in Vienna. This user-friendly bicycle rental system allows you to explore the city in a flexible, sustainable, and eco-friendly way. These bikes are accessible in all 23 districts of Vienna, providing a total of 3,000 bikes available for rent around the clock, seven days a week. For further information please visit or use the WienMobil app.


Booking a taxi ride:

Tel. +43 1 60 160, (registration required)

Tel. +43 1 40 100, (registration required)

Tel. +43 1 31 300, (no registration required)

Please visit the respective website for more information, to request a price and for fare information. Payment is possible by credit or debit card or in cash.